Hoard of the Dragon Queen [tadley/basingstoke]

III:i Dragon Hatchery

into the caves

During the merry-making, Leosin beckons a couple of the group over to join him and asks them to return to the Raider’s Camp once more to investigate. He’s heard that they are starting to travel north and wants to know what, if anything has been left behind.

The group agrees to head back to the camp, minus Rennu, who has had enough of adventuring for now and decides to stay in Greenest and help with the wounded and rebuilding there.

On reaching the camp it is nearly completely deserted. The majority of the tents have been cleared away or burned, although a few hunters remain.

The Fellowship decide to approach from the East, down the cliff and explore the cave, unfortunately Nith takes a fall. He appears to draw no attention immediately, although this is later proven to be false as when they enter the cave, they are attacked by two Dragonclaws (a level of Cultist) who had been lying in wait for them.

After fighting off these cultists, Nith decides he will wait at the entrance of the cave to watch their backs, while the rest of the Fellowship continue on. A look around the first and second cavern reveals nothing of interest, but a ledge with a 10ft drop leads down to cavern three with some steps on the right side.

Nemo started down the steps – on reaching the bottom two, the steps collapsed into a slide and springboard that catapulted him into the middle of the third cavern – right in the middle of a patch of violet (and violent) fungi. Their first attacks left Nemo unconscious and struggling for life.

The others tried to attack the fungi, from a distance as it was apparent that the plants could not move, only reach out with their tendrils. At one point Brykk cast a light charm to try and help, but the light drew the attention of a group of Kobolds who ran in to attack. The battle was close, with Nemo dangerously close to death, but eventually the Kobolds and Fungi were defeated, and Nemo healed.

The Abland Fellowship moved rather more cautiously into the next cave. This one had a few dead bats and guano on the floor. Some less-than-stealthy sneaking caused the bats to swarm – thankfully they were more of an annoyance than a danger, just limiting hearing and vision.

However, then something began to attack from within the swarm – Stirges! These creatures – a cross between an oversized mosquito and a bat – began to drain blood from their victims. They are easy to detach, but seem to be proving rather difficult to actually kill.


Icecradle Icecradle

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