Hoard of the Dragon Queen [tadley/basingstoke]

Nemo's Letters home

Letters from a travelling wizard

First letter home.

My dear Arronax,

I have been desperate to write to you since my departure, as I have had time to reflect on my note, telling you of my reasons for leaving. I know I my actions are against your advice, but please don’t take this as a personal affront. You are all I have as a family, unless I do what I am doing.
This infernal damp weather has delayed my writing you, as I’ve been sleeping on the hoof so far. My cloak serves me as well as it always ha to keep me warm. Tonight however, I have made it to an inn – I forget the name – but it is about a day’s walk from Greenest. I am still damp and hungry, so will write until I need to light a candle, before seeking some supper and sleep.

I’m am hoping to hear news of slave traders in the town, and seek my sister. I can’t leave her unknown to me any longer. I know you feel my skills are not refined or diverse enough to support such an adventure, but I can feel my confidence growing, and I feel stronger with each step of independence.

I know you need my youth to help you in your home, and please don’t feels I am deserting you, but I need this. I feel Lathendar calling me away. I can’t ignore it. I will grow and return a wizard of the world.


Second letter home.

Dear Arronax

Adventures abound! I left you with news of my travels to Greenest, and the adventure started that evening. We were woken in the night to screams, and on investigating it transpired a child had been taken from the inn. A few of the less merry ones of us (it is an inn after all and there remained many slumped over the tables as events progressed), well those that were able formed a group to go in chase. We had a dwarf, a couple of elves, a gnome and a halfling, anyway, we followed a trail out the window which led to a funny smelly sewer. To cut a long story short we managed to do over a few guards – that Dwarf did some good stuff on them, and rescue the child.

After returning the child, we all made our way together into Greenest. It was a merry journey, getting to know my new companions. As soon as Greenest was in sight, the first thing we saw was the smoke. It wasn’t the smoke of the industry – the town was on fire, with a dragon in a field near by. We aimed for the keep and skirted round the town via a stream. Our plan may have been successful if we hadn’t met some guards and the like – the worst are the Kobbolds. Even then the dwarf who is in my understanding very amiable for a dwarf, showed she is the brawn and certainly not the brains. Having shouted at the bad guys, ‘Hey we’re the good guys!’ did nothing to help our surprise attack, so it was just as well that she did have the brawn to use. Swiftly defeated we had some more Kobbolds on the way to the keep. We rested there and then set out on several missions to the temple and the mill, to see if we can save any of the townsfolk.

There was a really bad sewer we had to walk down. This was full of rats, and I had a terrible spell. I firstly learnt a valuble lesson – my magic is a ranged weapon, not for close combat. And I know what you taught me on the power I have with magic and how it should be used for good, so I don’t talk of killing lightly, but these are evil times of dragon worship. Also I failed in a spell. It wasn’t that it was the wrong spell or against a hard target, it was that I didn’t feel it. It just didn’t happen. The fizz was all wrong. I wish I were able to consult you on it. It seems to happen sometimes, as it was when I was first studying but I don’t know if it is because I am in strange lands. It is happening more and more and I wish I could have your expertise to understand it.

We were able to get the townsfolk to the keep and are now resting. I suspect we will be heading off to follow the cultists, acolytes, kobbolds and look to rescue any captured townsfolk. I would love to spend time writing about my companions. The elves are beautiful, and Brykk is a bard. He sang a lovely song for us earlier, but I’m not convinced he wasn’t singing it for Arlen, the dwarf, but I’ll keep you posted on that!

I’ll write you again when we next rest, but until then, I’ll send you my love,



Icecradle NemoSchaumer

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