Hoard of the Dragon Queen [tadley/basingstoke]

Episode II.i - Investigations and Stragglers

the adventurers are asked to track down the raiders camp

Roughly 48 hours passed, allowing the adventuring party to rest and heal. Brykk took the opportunity to entertain his fellow travellers with a song, like all good bards should!

Governor Nighthill approached the group to inform them what he had found out from the interrogation of the prisoner. The raiders were all members of the Cult of the Dragon and were collecting loot for ‘the great hoard that will usher in the reign of the Queen of Dragons’. The cult apparently has a clutch of dragon eggs at their camp. The camp is located due south of Greenest. Nighthill asked the adventurers to investigate and find out the following:
Where the camp is.
How many raiders there are/will be coming
Who their leaders are
what’s motivating them
also as a secondary goal, to recover any stolen property from Greenest.

He mentions that he was due to talk with a Monk, Leosin Erlanthar, who had mentioned a dragon cult, but he hasn’t seen him because of the raid.

The adventurers headed through the town asking about this monk’s whereabouts. In the tavern, they found out that the monk and his apprentice, Nesim Waladra, were staying at the tavern. On talking to Nesim, they discovered that Leosin had been researching these raiders for months and had been looking at ancient Dragon lore at the library in Candlekeep. Leosin, however, went missing during the raids. Nesim thinks that he may have tried to infiltrate the cult, or was perhaps captured. He gave the adventurers Leosin’s broken staff and ripped-off choker. Nemo decided to have Avinia mend the choker and he put it on.

They all had a Small at the tavern and the barkeep, on discovering that they were going to track the raiders, asked that they look out for his missing wife Dogrose (and promised free beer for life on her safe return).

The adventurers headed south and then tracked the raiders. They came across a small group of 4 mercenaries and 8 kobolds who had stopped to make camp, and they launched battle, gaining a surprise attack. The kobolds immediately fled and hid. Amongst the fighting, Nemo managed to firebolt himself (but was healed by Rennu), Lia managed to fire an arrow at Daeris’ foot and Nemo failed to charm a mercenary. Brykk put one merc out of action for a while with his dissonant whispers and the party as a whole managed to defeat one mercenary and weaken another.


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