Hoard of the Dragon Queen [tadley/basingstoke]

Episode I: Greenest in Flames, part i
The adventurers head into Greenest...

Having traded with a Merchant at the Black Calf, the adventuring party set off towards Greenest, taking the day to travel with some rests. As they top a rise overlooking the town, just as the sun is setting, they can see that the town is under attack from a dragon. On heading closer into town, they see cultists, kobolds and other figures running through the streets, as a Blue dragon (albeit a rather disinterested one) prowls overhead.

The group decided to head into town along the stream, giving them a cover advantage. They first encountered a group of three guards and an acolyte. They decided to try talking to the figures, but Arlen shouting out ‘hey we’re the good guys’ put any kind of discussion to a premature halt and they were attacked.

Lia managed to shoot dead one of the guards in one shot, the other two proved more tricky to down, with their armor fending off most attacks. Arlen, Nemo and Avinia all took hits, and Lia was reduced to grovelling by the acolyte, but healing potions were put to good use to keep them fighting. After the other two guards and acolyte were defeated, Brykk used Cure Wounds to heal Nemo as well, bringing everyone back up to reasonable HP.

Heading away from the stream, towards the town’s Keep, they were attacked once again, this time by two Cultists and an Acolyte. One Cultist and the Acolyte were downed before they could dish out any serious damage, and one cultist remains.

The Missing Boy part II
the prologue ends

Combat continued in the sewer with all characters managing to get in a couple of shots. All three guards were defeated and their bodies looted for a total of 11gp.

Further gold and three healing potions were found in the first room they came to, after Daeris successfully picked the locked grate.

Further down the sewer a locked box was also picked, revealing a dagger that deals lightning damage. Daeris then used Misty step to teleport into another locked room, finding more gold.

The group eventually came to a room concealed by a shut, but not locked door at the end of the sewer, where voices could be heard. The group were initially overheard, but Daeris managed to successfully trick the voice-owners into believing that she was one of the hired guards they had already defeated. The rest of the group then sneak-attacked, entering the second round of combat.

The room held another hired guard and two cultists in purple robes. Nemo, with his occult knowledge, recognised their makeup and attire as being from a dragon cult, but could tell nothing more than that. They could see the kidnapped boy at the other end of the room.

The group attacked, gaining a surprise advantage. Brykk used a sound illusion to distract them while the others attacked again. The guard managed to deal some damage to Arlen before being defeated, then one of the cultists was defeated. Before they could finish off the second cultist, he apparently teleported or similar away, leaving the kidnapped boy behind.

The group added a club and some more gold to their stash before returning the boy safely to his parents who were delighted and rewarded the party. They were also informed that a traveling merchant had arrived at the Inn and they could trade with him before setting off to Greenest.

Everyone gained 5gp individually and 100XP.
The stash is (I think!!) 21gp, a club, some cultist robes and three healing potions.
Avinia was given the lightning dagger.
Daeris, Nemo and Brykk all gained an additional 50XP.

Next session: 10th Jan at William/Faye’s. Onwards to Greenest and Episode 1 of HotDQ.

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The Missing Boy
the prologue begins

[Note: The prologue was created by the DM, as the players are all new to the game and the DM new to 5e. It’s a short introduction to how the game mechanics work and allows the characters to introduce themselves before starting HotDQ proper]

The prologue began at the Black Calf Inn, a day’s journey from Greenest. Rumours of attacks on the road to Greenest have dissuaded people from travelling to the town alone, so individually our characters made their way to the Inn, planning to set off the next day alongside the daily coach.

The adventuring party consists of:
Arlen, a female mountain dwarf fighter (Amy)
Daeris, a female elf sorcerer (Hellie)
Lia, a female woodland elf ranger (Faye)
Nemo, a male human wizard (William)
Brykk, a male gnome ranger/bard (Holland)
Avinia, a female halfling sorcerer (Val)

Having spent the night, our characters were awoken at around 6am by the Innkeeper Aldrad and his wife Emmeline, both distraught. They told the group that their youngest son – a boy not yet 2 – was missing.

The group investigated and Lia was able to track a trail leading from the boy’s window north from the Inn to an old sewer entrance.

The group managed to get the grate open and entered the sewers where they came upon 3 hired guards and combat began.


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