Woodland Elf


A young adventurer who’s name is Lia was in the woods near the village she was born in and looked around the tree root and there it was the prettiest bird ever seen, a phoenix. The phoenix had long fiery feathers that shimmered in the sun and eyes as bright as diamonds . Suddenly the birds were agitated and started to fly into the air.

The next thing I knew was that there was a group of dragons diving towards the phoenices. Then I remembered that the only thing that can kill a phoenix is dragon fire .The dragons killed most of the phoenices but only one was still alive. The one still alive was guarding some eggs.

I turned around to go home but all the houses were burned to the ground. If mum and dad were still alive they would have gone to greenest , the nearest village to ours. The only thing left to remind me of mum and dad was a locket. In the locket was a phoenix tear that can heal any wound.