Hoard of the Dragon Queen [tadley/basingstoke]

The Missing Boy

the prologue begins

[Note: The prologue was created by the DM, as the players are all new to the game and the DM new to 5e. It’s a short introduction to how the game mechanics work and allows the characters to introduce themselves before starting HotDQ proper]

The prologue began at the Black Calf Inn, a day’s journey from Greenest. Rumours of attacks on the road to Greenest have dissuaded people from travelling to the town alone, so individually our characters made their way to the Inn, planning to set off the next day alongside the daily coach.

The adventuring party consists of:
Arlen, a female mountain dwarf fighter (Amy)
Daeris, a female elf sorcerer (Hellie)
Lia, a female woodland elf ranger (Faye)
Nemo, a male human wizard (William)
Brykk, a male gnome ranger/bard (Holland)
Avinia, a female halfling sorcerer (Val)

Having spent the night, our characters were awoken at around 6am by the Innkeeper Aldrad and his wife Emmeline, both distraught. They told the group that their youngest son – a boy not yet 2 – was missing.

The group investigated and Lia was able to track a trail leading from the boy’s window north from the Inn to an old sewer entrance.

The group managed to get the grate open and entered the sewers where they came upon 3 hired guards and combat began.


Icecradle Icecradle

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