Hoard of the Dragon Queen [tadley/basingstoke]

The Journal of Arlen Ironshield

Entry 1

My search still isn’t going anywhere. I may have only seen a small area of The Sword Coast, but there are no results. Last night I remembered something though. Before Yili left, she did say she was headed for a town called Greenest. I need to find her or her team. I need to find Yili.

Currently I’m in an inn about a days walk to Greenest. It’s called the Black Calf Inn. Someone said it was a bad idea to go there alone, and I don’t want to take any chances. Maybe I could find a team to work with. The family who owns the place seem really nice. I haven’t caught their names yet, but I’m sure I will. Aside from the family, there are about five other travellers here. There are a couple of elves, a human, what looks like a halfling with a giant backpack, and a gnome. I’ve never seen a gnome or halfling before!

This place is actually quite cozy. I’ll only spend the night here for now, but I need to get to Greenest. I’ll head out early tomorrow morning. For now I need to sleep.

Arlen Ironshield


Icecradle Amyth221

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