Hoard of the Dragon Queen [tadley/basingstoke]

Raiders Camp! II.ii

As this was ages ago, just the main points:

The newly named Ablan Fellowship completed the fight against the stragglers and were able to recruit one of the remaining Mercenaries – a fellow called Nith. The party rested after that fight, allowing Rennu and Nith to get chatting and form a bond.

Once rested, they were able to take on the raiders Rear Guard and avoid getting crushed by falling boulders.

After that it was on to the camp. Investigations there identified a prisoner who was probably Leosin tied up near the back of the camp and other prisoners held elsewhere. Many kobolds and cultists filled the camp, lots of tents of differing quality and a cave mouth leading east. Rumours that a dragon hatchery containing eggs lay in the cave circled the camp too.

The group split into two with Avinia, Nemo and Lia heading to help the prisoners, and Brykk, Daeris, Arlen, Nith and Rennu heading to help Leosin. The first group managed to get the prisoners out without too much fuss – one tried to escape but they managed to capture and explain they were there to help. They also found a small wolf cub who Lia decided to take on and train.

The second group, however, nearly got themselves caught, ad a small run in with Wearer-of-Purple Frulam, and were identified as infiltrators. A fight broke out. However thanks to some quick-thinking from Nith (played by Paul this session), they managed to convince the cultists that another couple were the infiltrators and get them to defeat their own men. After letting things settle down, they escaped with Leosin, who was a little reluctant to go, but in no state to resist.

The two groups reassembled at the straggler camp, then hiked back to Greenest. There, they spent the night recovering and celebrating – spurred on by free drinks from the Greenest Tavern’s barkeep.


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