Hoard of the Dragon Queen [tadley/basingstoke]

Nemo's Third letter home

Safe on guard duty in hatchery


I continue to write, and hope you have been able to reply. I have yet to receive anything. I hope beyond all hope that this is not due to illness or injury. I suspect we will be returning to Greenest soon, and have yet to feel your scrying to find me or my companions wellbeing. It concerns me.

We sought to chase after the raiding party after returning to the keep, having been asked by Governer Knighthill to seek out and return people and possessions to Greenest. We went on foot and within a short time came up against the rearguard of the raiding party. We overpowered them, mostly kobolds, and a couple of mercenaries. We were lucky enough to be able to put a sword to one of the mercenary’s throats, and offer him some money to join the Abland fellowship, as we are now known, for a short time. I feel he was rather grateful for his life (less so his fellow mercenary’s money we ‘paid’ him, given the length of time he stayed with us.

We were able to enter the camp under cover of darkness and to cut a long story short, we managed between us to release all the prisoners who remained alive within the camp. After a quick overnight break for food we were able to return early to Greenest. Lia also brought away an ‘rock monster’ – later named ‘Petra Monstrum’. Far from being a rock monster she was a wolf cub, rather underfed, but I could see a close bond formed rather quickly between the two. I may grow to like the dog with time, but I don’t feel the feeling will be mutual.

Anyway, to continue with our adventures we were aware of a hatchery in the camp and returned after a night of entertainment from our bard, (who was rather amusing in trying to keep up with the larger folk’s tankard sizes). I feel a lack of confidence in the other members of the group, and find myself going forward so often, but I failed to foresee a trap on the first set of steps and quickly found myself ovewhelmed by giant mushrooms. Only too late did I discover they were Violet Fungus plants – more like Violent Fungus. I damn my lack of concentration in your attempts to teach me herbology! I can only assume the cave was the abode of a druid, since after being revived and the remaining conscious members of the fellowship defeating the attackers, we discovered the tools of a gardener with a spell scroll. I await the time needed to study the magic such that I may make use of it.

We moved forward and were attacked by flying animals – the bats were of little worry, but the stirges were more difficult to destroy. In exploring we found further signs of habitation, drakes and soon after their keepers – after another battle ensued, we lost a couple of our comrades to another trap. We hope we have not lost them forever, and will meet up as we explore the deeper caverns. After a short battle, we reached our current resting place. My sentry duty is nearly finished and I must go wake Lia. I will write again as time allows…

Your student,



Icecradle NemoSchaumer

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