Hoard of the Dragon Queen [tadley/basingstoke]

Episode I.v - Save the Mill (and Prisoners)

The adventurers go to Greenest's Mill to save it from apparent fire (and capture a prisoner)

(Holland/Brykk was absent for the second part of this mission, hence his ‘guarding’ mission.)

The party and Rennu headed to the Mill. On the approach they noticed groups of Kobolds and Cultists setting fire to the mill.

Brykk and Daeris crept forwards to inspect what was going on and Daeris noticed that the fires seemed to be more for show than actual substance. She suspected that it was a trap and they returned to the rest of the group to inform them.

They decided that they would try to capture a prisoner from one of these outside raiding groups. As they attacked, most of the kobolds fled. Lia managed to rope one of the cultists and, having defeated the others, they managed to subdue and tie up their prisoner.

Brykk guarded the prisoner, hidden by the stream, while the others went to the Mill to investigate the fire.

They were definitely suspicious as they approached – smoke seemed to be coming from within the Mill, but they couldn’t tell if this was some form of illusion, or smoke from a small ‘false fire’, or the actual Mill alight. As they entered, they were cautious and some of them noticed either sound or a presence in the loft above them.

Nemo launched a blind magical attack and Lia followed it up with arrows. The noise of a cultist taking an injury confirmed their suspicions (or as Arlen put it "Oh there’s definitely someone up there!!) and they all joined in – Daeris and Avinia using magic, and Arlen rushing up the ladder to the loft to attack with her ‘Wit’ (her warhammer). They were attacked by a volley of spears, but ultimately managed to defeat the cultists and guards that had been waiting to ambush them.

After the fight, some backup arrived from the Keep to guard the Mill and they left, meeting up with Brykk again and escorting their prisoner back to the Keep via the tunnel.


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