Hoard of the Dragon Queen [tadley/basingstoke]

Episode I.iv - Sanctuary

The adventuring party head to the temple to rescue the townsfolk there

(again, I’m writing this way after it happened, so apologies if I miss anything)

The adventuring party used the stream again to creep along to the Temple. As they approached, they saw three groups of raiders outside the temple.

Group A was at the front doors of the temple with a battering ram, attempting to force their way through the doors.

Group B was circling the temple in something of a parade.

Group C was at the rear entrance to the Temple, attempting to stack hay against the doors and set it alight.

The adventurers decided to wait until group B had passed the rear entrance and then they attacked group C. They managed to get inside the temple where they found more than 30 townsfolk all huddled in a panic. The noise of the battering ram rang through the temple every few minutes, causing plaster to tumble from the ceiling as the room shook.

The adventurers managed to locate Priest Eadyan Falconmoon who worked with them to usher the townsfolk out of the rear entrance of the temple and to the stream, taking care not to alert the circling group of raiders in the process. Most of the group started to escort the townsfolk back to the tunnel entrance, but Nemo stayed behind with some intention of exploring or looting, and Arlen stayed with him to protect him should anything happen.

However, the ever increasing bangs from the doors that were struggling to hold back the battering ram made the wizard see sense and he and Arlen retreated back to the stream with the others.


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