Hoard of the Dragon Queen [tadley/basingstoke]

Episode I.iii - The Old Tunnel

The adventurers meet Governor Nighthill and are recruited to aid the town

(posting this waaay after it happened, so apologies if I miss anything)

After healing and resting at the Keep, the adventurers were informed that Governor Nighthill – the town’s official – wished to speak with them. They met with him on the parapet. He appeared worried, and was nursing an injured arm, although seemed more concerned about his town and the wellbeing of his people than his own injury.

Governor Nighthill thanked the adventurers for their part in defeating some raiders and rescuing the Swifts, but asked that the group assist further if they were able. He mentioned a Dwarf, in charge of the Keep’s defense, Castellan Escobert the Red, and told the group to ask him about an alternate way in and out of the Keep to avoid the danger of the main gates.

He then presented the group with a series of tasks which they could choose to assist with if they wished:
Prisoners – he requested that a live prisoner from the raiding party be brought back for interrogation.
The Mill – he worried that the Mill may not be safe and the town’s main food source, as well as any people there, may be in danger.
Sanctuary – he expressed concern that a great deal of townsfolk had been seen rushing to the town’s chapel to seek shelter, and that they may be trapped there or in danger.

He offered the adventurers a temporary addition to their group – a young human acolyte called Rennu, who could be helpful to them as a healer.

The group sought out Castellan Escobert the Red, as suggested. He informed the group that there was indeed an ‘escape tunnel’ built for the Keep, although he doubted it had ever been used – at least not for several centuries. He showed the party the place where it began and gave then the keys.

The group cleared away the boxes blocking the doorway and were able to open the door with the key. The tunnel appeared clear, just choked with cobwebs. Due to the small width of the tunnel, the group had to progress single file. Nemo and Arlen took up the front, with the others following behind.

It wasn’t long through the tunnel that they encountered two swarms of rats. The rats attacked Nemo and Arlen, but were ultimately defeated. Rennu then healed Nemo of his injuries.

At the other end of the tunnel, they encountered a large iron grate which was locked and also corroded. They managed to open the grate with the key and they noticed a passing party of raiders on the other side. They decided to stay hidden and avoid them, waiting for them to pass.

With the tunnel open and clear, providing them with a way in and out of the Keep, avoiding the majority of the raiders, they decided that they would head to the chapel first, and planned to capture a prisoner if they could.


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