Hoard of the Dragon Queen [tadley/basingstoke]

Episode I.ii - Seek the Keep

The adventurers rescue Linan Swift and head to the Keep

(posting this waay after it happened, sorry, so apologies if I missed anything)

After their initial encounter was over, the adventuring party headed from the stream into the town, coming across many kobolds (small lizard race) and cultists of various races in the process. Having successfully defeated a small raiding party, they noticed an armed woman, her injured husband and three small children dash out from between two houses, chased by a group of kobolds. The kobolds didn’t seem to notice/pay attention to the adventurers at first, focused on attacking the woman who was defending her family.

The adventuring party of course stepped in to help, defeating the kobolds. The woman introduced herself as Linan Swift, gifting the adventurers two healing potions for their help and telling them that they had to get to the town’s Keep – the only safe place in town.

The group, along with the Swift family, made their way up the winding road towards the keep. They encountered more raiding groups on the way – one they were able to convince that they were cultists themselves, and they learned a name – Tiamat, although were not sure what or who Tiamat was. The next group, however, were not convinced by subterfuge and attacked. The adventurers and Linan fought bravely, but were ultimately overpowered.

Thankfully, some town guards from the Keep came to their assistance, having spotted their plight, and ran off the last of the attackers. The adventurers and the Swift family were escorted safely up to the Keep where they were provided with healing and a short rest (1 hour).


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